SMtown summer album!

1.Happy Summer –SMTOWN

2. Summer Time–SNSD

3. The Island’s imprint/ footprint**-Super Junior

4. Jump Jump Non-stop*–f(x)

5. Shine Shine*–SHINEE

6. Recalling the past*–Uknow, Changmin

7. Every Night*– TRAX

8. Separation in one summer***–KRY(SJ-KRY)

9. Musicgraphy–Kangta

10. Even if another 10 years passed*–Boa

T/N: * Direct translation to english from the chinese source
** the chinese named it 岛屿的足迹 – literal meaning -> the footprint of an island
*** the chinese named it 一次夏季的离别 – literal meaning -> separation/ leaving/ parting in a summer once/ one time.

Credits to: Yahoo+浩房+TVXQ Baidu
Translation by: minoko2440 @
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Source: forevershiningshinee


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