SHINee on Pops In Seoul? Is this something about their comeback?

Look at that! I think it’s weird because Ring Ding Dong not a new song. But I think this a sign of their comeback has getting closer! Even they put it on Star Access.. Is SHINee will be there? I think we should watch to prove it!

Kalo mau nonton, ini kan katanya hari kamis, berarti nontonnya yang kamis jam setengah 10an, ato kalo ga sempet, nonton yang besok paginya, suka ada soalnya. Oh yah mianhae kalo postnya sedikit-sedikit, soalnya aku belum dapet info lagi, ini juga hasil iseng-iseng main ke arirang kekeke~

p.s : sorry for bad photos, everytime I try to printscreen it, it comes bad when I edit it T_T


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