Onew warn to Jung Yonghwa “Don’t hurt Seohyun’s heart”

Lately, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jung Shin, C.N blue’s member, tampil di KBS night star. They’re in the same age, dan katanya sih mereka berteman baik.

Then Onew told to YongHwa, “Don’t hurt Seohyun’s heart”. Seohyun is Yong Hwa’s wife in We Got Married.

To this, Gil replied to Onew, “Are you sure it’s not that you like Seohyun? I saw a lot of friends who fought over a girl while drinking.”

Aaaah Onew what’s wrong with you? T_T  Apakah Onew mencintai Seohyun? Apakah ada cinta segitiga diantara mereka? Saksikan di acara KBS Night Star at 11th July 11.15 PM ! *jeng jeng jeng*

huhuhu sedih deh sebagai MVP saya merasa cemburu huhuhu, what do you think shawols, especially for MVPs? Seohyun is Yonghwa’s and Onew is mine *stress sendiri* *dicincang MVPs*

credits: Kbites


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