Thanks for your vote, shawols!

Kamsahamnida everyone! Now shineeandyou is on rank 22nd at! Thank yooouu so much for your vote!

Well actually I started this blog on the 30th june, and now we have 2 admins, 90 posts, many viewers a day, many comments. Well honestly I’m smile when someone comment in my posts, even just short, I always reply it because I’m really appreciate it. Just like “wow people know my blog! oh my god , I’m so exciting! I should browse SHINee’s news again and post it!”. And that is where my energy comes , respond from viewers, people know SHINee’s news from me, or anything. You may see me as person who wants to get popular instantly but actually it’s not, please don’t think like that. I’m do this because I’m happy doing it, because being the first person know everything about her favorite boyband, I’m enjoy it a lot. I don’t care if I stand by in a front of my laptop every minute, as long my readers happy to read my blog 🙂

Once again, thank you very much, lovely reader. please keep stick to my blog, i’m ready to bring many SHINee’s news, everyday.

*p.s: I’m sorry if this too much kekeke I don’t have any things to do right now ehehe*


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