Incorporated tough and sharp image of Onew

SHINee who’s coming back with their 2nd full album, has become a topic of discussion after pictures of the members’ were revealed of their changes and before actual promotional activities have started.

After Minho and Taemin, leader Onew is the 3rd person to be revealed on the 10th. In the picture, Onew has a strong and sharp charisma that is making fans’ heart to flutter.

In particular, after “Ring Ding Dong” activities have concluded, Onew has challenged musicals for the first time through “Brothers Were Brave” . As the ticket selling was very impressive, it has made his singing ability very stable and his acting has also been acknowledged as a musical actor. Recently on the KBS2 program “Night Star”, he’s also a permanent MC. Currently Onew, who is working on many different activities, has made many people looking forward to the new album.

Also, no matter if it is their music, fashion or dance etc., SHINee has always showed a new image in their albums. They are contemporary and try to break through new things to lead the trend. As the members are revealing their pictures one by one, fans are becoming more curious and paying more attention to this album and comeback stage.

source: the star chosen
original article: HERE
chinese translation: 源子@sm shinee
english translation: vivz@soompi


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