[News] Sukapa! Presents “Invincible Youth in JAPAN” TALK & LIVE

South Korea’s popular real variety program “Invincible Youth” event was decided! Performers are f(x) and Secret. The special guest is SHINee.

Sukapa-! PRESENTS “Invincible Youth in JAPAN” TALK & LIVE will conduct one night Asian pop event in August 2.

“Invincible Youth” is selected from the seven leading Korean girl groups (G7) which they develop self-sufficient in the country-side
and it is a popular real variety program in South Korea. Surprisingly the program were recorded in Hokkaido, Biei!

Starting on August at Sukapa-!, South Korean idol’s will experience Japanese agriculture and dairy will be broadcast on air.

To celebrate this exclusive programming, complete present preview and live event was decided!

We will deliver a variety of contents like live performances from Invincible Youth’s regular member victoria’s
group f(x), Han Sona’s group Secret and our special guest which were once appeared on Invincible youth Onew and Minho’s group SHINee.

“Invincible Youth” , Please do not miss this one night special event!

source: sky perfect tv | credit and english translation: winkme @ soompi shinee thread


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