Onew and Jonghyun are the lyricist for 2nd album

Onew and Jonghyun are lyricists for SHINee’s second album: Lucifer, and other track info

Through this album Onew will reveal his lyric-writing skills for the first time in ‘Your name’ in which you can get a peek at his sensitive side, and in ‘Blame,’ Jonghyun writes about a man in pain after losing love.

The 2nd album’s title track ‘LUCIFER’ will be based in 80s electronica known for its use in break dance but will have a more modern upbeat tempo, and a strong, sophisticated rhythm with a refreshing and addictive appeal.

‘LUCIFER’s lyrics include elements of selfishness, deluding oneself into thinking obsession is love, and alternating between threatenings and reconciliations as if their lover has both the face of an angel and of a devil.

Other tracks include ‘Electric Heart,’ composed by ‘Abracadabra’s composer Jinu (Hitchhiker) with Spanish guitar melodies and electro hip hop rhythms. ‘UP & DOWN’ is a typical old school hip hop track spiced up with a more contemporary sound, and ‘Arrow’ is a rock ballad reminiscing loneliness and solitude; we’ll be able to see new aspects of SHINee’s appeal with this variety in genre.

Also among the 13 tracks are ‘Life,’ a strong and showy R&B ballad composed by Kenzie, a track where we can shout out A-Yo! over and over again appropriately titled ‘A-Yo,’ and an epilogue to ‘Love must go on’ from SHINee’s first album called ‘Sa.Gye.Hu(Love Still Goes On).’

translation: okdubu@tumblr
source: osen & nate via shakizi


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