SHINee-Lucifer teaser screenshot pics and gif :D

First, is our Leader Onew, who has the sweetest voice in the world. The one who is too cute to be true 🙂

Second, our bling bling Jonghyun, who has the most beautiful voice 🙂

Third,with the divaish *ouch* devilish looks , you always looks good, KEY! 🙂

waah mirip-mirip ternyata sama foto yang di photoshopped kemaren 😮

Fourth, our flaming charismatic Minho. Who has the most handsome face *I think* keke~

Last, our cutie Taeminnie,  SHINee’s dancing machine 🙂


*meleleh banget deh gueee liat ini*

*klepek klepek di lante*

credits: Allison @ soompi

winkme @ soompi , WRS , shineeshawolsSG


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