SHINee perform at Music Bank (MR removed)

SHINee’s “MR removed video” posted by netizens are receiving hot reactions from fans.

On the 23rd, they recently had their comeback performance in KBS where they performed “Up & Down” and “Lucifer”.

Recently, Idol singers are being criticized because of their lack of live performance skills, However, SHINee’s an exception in this situatuon.

On the “MR removed video” (Music removed) it was clear that SHINee member’s sung the song fully and did not lip sync one bit even on the chorus part of the song when usually idol’s would not sing on choruses.

Netizens have praised SHINee on their live vocal and dancing skills as with their intense choreography they were still able to deliver awesome vocal performance. Netizens commented, “I seem to be listening to the CD”.

Also, there has been much issue’s on idol’s getting only 3 seconds of solo parts, however, SHINee member’s each get’s their own fair share of solo’s also being excluded from the “3 second singer” controversy.

SHINee showed a good and powerful comeback and fans are all praise for their more powerful performance.

Source: My Daily
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews

See? They’re totally awesome! Daebak!


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