Onew’s new musical ‘Rock of Ages’ info

After making his musical debut earlier this year in Hey Bro!, SHINee’s leader Onew will be playing the principal lead, “Drew,” in the musical Rock of Ages. He will be sharing the role with Ahn Jae-wook and TRAX’s Jay. The leading female principal, “Sherrie,” will be shared by fellow SM labelmates Dana and Sunday of CSJH The Grace, as well as veteran singer-actress Moon Hyewon.

Rock Of Ages features music from the 1980’s American rock scene, its soundtrack full of hits by the likes of Styx, Bon Jovi, Pat Benetar, Poison, and Journey. It tells the story of a young aspiring rocker named Drew Bowie, whose dreams of making it big are traded for a temp job as a busboy at a popular Hollywood club named the Bourbon Room. There, he meets Sherrie, an aspiring actress and the two fall in love. Two acts, 23 songs, and lots of cheesy plot turns later, all is well as the cast joins in a chorus of “Don’t Stop Believing.”

The show fit in just right with the slew of rock musicals that hit Broadway in the past years, alongside crowd favorites like Hair, Next To Normal, and Passing Strange.
However, I’m curious to see exactly how Rock Of Ages will pass in Korea, considering its notable features of women in spandex, gratuitous rocker heresy, and one notable bathroom sex scene between Drew and Sherrie. Oh yes, there is a bathroom sex scene involving Onew in the show. Hold onto your hats, noonas
It’s certainly a surprise to see a young idol star like Onew cast in a fairly risque musical like Rock Of Ages.

Credits: , dkpopnews


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