SHINee on SBS Inkigayo Magazine

The LUCIFER-like Spell of the ‘Black SHINee’ Image— The Grand Appearance on SBS Inkigayo Magazine

The boys that seem to have been saying ‘noona is so pretty,’ screaming oh~’Juliet’ forever have transformed into men exuding an intense and chic charm! The object of ‘noonas’ romance,’ SHINee who has returned with the undeniable spell-binding ‘LUCIFER’ showed the August issue of SBS Inkigayo Magazine an image of ‘Black SHINee’ and a different look.

For this August issue of SBS Inkigayo Magazine, SHINee appears on the cover as well as in a 12-page cover story, along with a sophisticated pictorial, it is the most eye-catching issue ever. The past July, we were personally able to meet those who transformed into this issue’s ‘Black SHINee’ at a studio in Gangnam. Going along with the black and white concept for the pictorial, ‘Black SHINee’ expressed a more limitless freedom than when they had a combination of different colors on. The editor of SBS Inkigayo Magazine, recalling the site of the shoot, stated “In the photo their stares are like ’LUCIFER’ possessing an undeniable spell, they are like five shining stars in the night sky. ”

Furthermore, going with each of SHINee’s members’ given English names as keywords, we had a ‘Name Talk’ to bring out their true intentions.

Key said, “I anticipated a lot for the 2nd album hairstyle, and as I predicted the fans were surprised so it was successful!,” revealing he had a lot of worry about the outcome. Taemin randomly confessed “When we travel I read a book, nowadays I’ve been reading ‘The Alchemist.’ Like the book’s main character, my dream is to travel around the world too.”

Jonghyun first revealed to SBS Inkigayo Magazine that “In this album the song I personally wrote, ”Yok (Obsession),” was inspired from an Internet novel where a murderer handles a conversation with his dual personality.” Onew expressed his exceeding love towards his mother, saying “The one thing I wake up to is my mother. She always sends me a letter every night…I respected her my entire life and love her with all my heart.” Minho stated “I want to show some kind of acting on stage,” revealing “from now on I will prepare a lot and if I gain experience, I want to challenge myself to do movies and dramas.”

SBS Inkigayo Magazine is the country’s first music program magazine, after it’s first issue in January it has been receiving consistent love. August has, since the 8th, the SBS Deungchon-dong open hall and a distribution of free issues in Hyeopchan-cheo, SBS Broadcast Contents subscription membership service ‘Seasonal Pass S’ automatic charge product (727 automatic charge product included) is presented as the most useful of other memberships.

source SBS Entertainment News
credit weareshining
translation Joodit@WRS


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