SHINee reply to fans at YOZM

FAN: Which member goes on fan cafes the most? ㅇㅅㅇ which section? mm.. have any of you ever written a comment pretending to be a fan? if so, who?

jonghyun: i tend to visit the sites a lot, and these days fans are so funny so if there’s something that makes us laugh we share it with each other. when people make gifs of us catching our habits and stuff it feels like they know us better than we do.

FAN: Who has the best body in SHINee?

onew: minho and jonghyun
jonghyun: four of us worked out
onew: but only 2 of us saw results (bitterly)
key: well i just wanted to lose weight and not build muscle, so i would go bike riding at the han river
onew: i just wanted to build up my stamina for the musical…
minho: i do it just because it’s fun… hahaha!
onew: mm.. my results are so non-existant you’d probably ask if i did work out at all… how embarrassing
jonghyun: all our methods were different. key would run on the treadmill a lot, and i got like this because i like lifting heavy things and weight training, and unlike key i hate aerobic exercise
onew: now that i think about it i’ve done both… then why… am i like this… ^^ i guess because of the musical i couldn’t do it continuously since my schedule is so varied

FAN: during a performance you see the soulmate you’ve been waiting for in the audience, what do you do?

jonghyun: to tell you the truth we don’t see anything. we can’t see fans’ individual faces, and the audience is usually far away
key: even if we did we can’t really do anything
onew: everyone would be looking… i wouldn’t be able to go to them. i’d just sadly walk away
jonghyun: i guess we’d just be sad and that’d be it ㅎㅎ but what if she’s not interested… what if she’s not even our fan… (starts to act it out, everyone laughs) even though we can’t see everyone’s faces, we notice interesting placards and huge cameras
(if you say those daepo camera lenses catch your eye i think more will show up)
key: sometimes i feel like fans are competing by the length of their lens

FAN: when do you find a girl the prettiest?

jonghyun: i like girls who sing well and have a pretty voice. a girl with a pretty~~ voice.
key: i feel attracted to a girl when we have common interests and we talk and we just click
taemin: i remember now. like when… she doesn’t know what to do. and is all embarrassed…
minho: at the moment i make eye contact with someone i’ve thought of as my dream girl
jonghyun: wth… tell us who that dream girl is! what does that make us when we’ve said everything… (laughter)
onew: can you just… skip me? it takes me a really long time to think of these things. (hahahaha)

FAN: your favorite girl group? ㅇㅅㅇ

key: i can think of one. they’re called f(x)… (everyone laughs) i said it, f(x)! they do very well.
onew: then, i choose… snsd (hahahaha!)
jonghyun: then i choose noona.. ah! boa sunbaenim… (looking at minho, taemin) good luck~
onew: these days new groups all do so well. they all dance well and sing well

FAN: if you do yaja-time who’s the person you want to boss around and laugh at the most?? ㅋㅋㅋ taemin oppa please answer!
(t/n yaja-time is when the oldest hyung becomes the maknae and the maknae becomes the oldest hyung for a few minutes)

taemin: most people probably think onew hyung but i’ll choose minho hyung. his reaction is the most sensitive.

Source: YOZM , omonatheydidnt, WRS

Omo~ I love Onew’s answers! Especially when they talk about worked out keke~


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