Key talks about his grandma

credits: thefantasticelastic1 on youtube

translation via BlingBlingDubuLove on youtube

Key: Since I debuted, fans gave me a lot of nicknames such as “Keymera” and “Hyoja Key” (“Hyoja” means someone who respects and follows his or her parents/grandparents/etc really well). I think it’s because when we win 1st place or any award, I always thank my grandmother and tell her that I love her.

Hodong: What makes your love for your grandmother soooo great?

Key: Since I was born, my grandmother was the one who took care of me always. My mother was very sick and my father was busy with work. But now that I think about it, I was actually not a hyoja to my grandmother. I treated my grandmother in a way that I regret so much now, like why did I act like that and say those mean words? One thing that I remember I said was “Grandma, why are you taking care of me when I didn’t even ask for it?” *tears up*

And then I went to Seoul alone to become a singer and until then I wasn’t a good grandson. But still my grandmother gave me some allowance and gave me a small note saying she loved me. It was a short note, but on the way to Seoul, I think I read it a thousand times.

And I brought it here to share it with everyone here. *takes out note* My grandmother couldn’t write well and she couldn’t see very well either but she managed to write these letters, I don’t know how. I still carry it around with me because it gives me a lot of strength, and I will love my grandmother forever.


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  1. Chari
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 18:41:01

    AW! :’) so sweet


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