Taemin’s starcall

credits: weareshining4 on youtube

Translate-annya nyusul ya ^^ akhirnya saya bisa ngepost lagi disini hehe. Gimana shawol pada dapet tiket KIFF ga? Admin shineeandyou ada yang dapet satu nih.. 😀


Minho & Key starcall (subbed)

Minho) Hello everyone, I’m SHINee Minho
(Key) Hello~
(Minho) Yap, finally…
(Key) Finally~
(Minho) The repackage album of Lucifer
(Key) Lucifer~
(Minho) Had been released!
(Key) OH?
(Minho) You guys are expecting that, right?
(Key) No~
(Minho) So do we……NO?
(Key) Hahahaha
(Minho) We’re also excited because we shows different images of us after Lucifer
Thanks for all of your support, and please keep on supporting our repackage album
Besides, we’re preparing now
Please expect other members’ new look, you will see their new images!
Please expect!!
Thank you

credits: SHINeeXLucifer on youtube

Key starcall

credits: weareshining4

Taemin’s star call

credits: wearesubbing on youtube (WRS) (Translate : Trisha
Timing and encode : pandanamacha
Raw file : Shakizi 
@ weareshining.com)

Key starcall

credit to J.S
findsource shakizi
reupload by orenjitoki
shared by weareshining (WRS)

Jonghyun star call

(Credit: gogogloria@Soompi , shaziki, MayKyNim on youtube)
Yes! Hello, this is SHINee’s Bling Bling Jonghyun!
Yes, it’s been a long time, but I’m once again here to see you guys~
We’ve come back with Lucifer
This album, I have! Uh, participated in composing lyrics for a certain song, right?
That song is Obsession! Wooooh~
Obsession is the first song I’ve written lyrics for in my entire life! [what about Juliette? O w o;]
Mm… how did everyone! Interpret these lyrics?
Mm… I’ll give out a question! (Solve the problem after seeing what.. ㅎ ㅅ ㅎ;; )
These lyrics! The first hint.
The girl goes to a place where she won’t be seen again!
Second hint! Uh- The boy!
He has a split personality! He’s suffering from a mental disease!
Ah, has the story become a little #@^#$? [note: LOL what?]
By the way! These lyrics are rather… how should I say it!
I wrote this story after reading a novel so
If everyone learns the truth, mm, I would think they would be surprised.
It’s not a normal parting~
So try to solve the problem!
Then I! Hm… If you get the answer correct
Then I will inform you guys/ respond.
I don’t know if anyone will be able to solve this problem..?
Bye~ [note: He said anyong instead of the standard “anyeong.” Basically a cuter/ more slang-y way to say it ]

P.S : Sorry for late update!

Onew starcall

*maaf telat baru nemu soalnya*

Hi everyone, I’m SHINee’s leader Onew
Ah I’m getting kinda nervous now hahaha
Tomorrow is our comeback stage
Our Lucifer…we have prepared for a long time to show you guys
That’s why from now on please give us SHINee lots of love and please anticipate
Ah, can I even sleep tonight? Very frustrated… we most likely wouldn’t be able to sleep
I miss you guys…

ahhhh so sweet >.< Poor onew.. Then sleep with us, dubu! Pasti kamu tambah ga bisa tidur hahaha~
Translation credits : Vivz@Soompi

video: vivientwww on youtube

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