Funny and cute SHINee act. at stage :)

Karena males ngepost foto *yak, silakan gebuk saya* saya mau ngepost video aja yaa hehe

Pertama, ini sangataenya si onyu my yeobo keke~ Kalo yg ga ngerti, nih transalte-annya. Oh ya itu beungeutnya si Key bodor laah =))

host mc: The one quality that all idol group leaders have?

onew: we’re all handsome

credits: weareshining 4 on youtube, transalte : comments on youtube

Yang ini si puppy hot Jjong wakwak itu mukanya pas nyadar ada yang ilang laah lucuu

credits: Randy1977 on youtube

TaeKey in action! Si Taemin kaya mau nyium si Key hahaha

Yang ini Si Onew nge-piggy back si Minho. What a kind Leader!

credits: gyapower09 on youtube

Kalo ini yang 2min keke ah Minho kamu dikelilingi orang-orang baik nan tampan =))

credits: weareshining4 on youtube

Starcall – TaeKey

credits: weareshining3 on youtube


Taemin:We are filming the MV right now, a lot of things are happening. There’s too much of these that makes it frustrating, but it is still very enjoyable. Also, we have been continuously filming for 12 hours? We filmed for around 12 hours already, the choreography for this is very powerful, very fast, and lots of big movements, so it’s more tiring.
And then, everyone, Key hyung is here.
Taemin: (facing Key) Key, say hi to everyone!
Key: Hi
Taemin: We will comeback using Lucifer~~ Everyone please look after us!!!! Hope everyone will take notice of our comeback images.
Key: Please look after us!!
Taemin & Key: We will work hard to film the MV, SHINee heart, thank you every one!
Taemin & Key: Goodbye
Taemin: SHINee heart
Key (small voice): SHINee heart

** the chinese translator said she couldn’t hear the clip properly cos its not clear… but these are rough translations **

Translation Credit : Vivz@soompi